April, 2019 | The main concern in the UK is the current unknown outcome of the Brexit negotiations.

Unfortunately, the UK Parliament cannot agree on the best deal to put forward to the other 27 EU states and this has created immense frustration both here and in Europe.

There is currently a possibility of a flexible extension of up to a year, for Britain to ratify the withdrawal agreement, subject to EU leaders agreeing unanimously.

All of the current uncertainty has left most of the population very confused about the future trading arrangements with the EU , especially cross border imports/exports, both between UK and Europe and also between Northern Ireland and Ireland and all other related matters (such as financial arrangements, travel documentation and arrangements, employment issues, residency both in the UK and in Europe, etc.).

This, in turn, has made businesses very cautious about future investment, both in terms of capital investment and employment related matters. Many are just waiting for an agreement to be ratified so that short and long term planning can be implemented as soon as possible.

We are hopeful that a deal can be agreed and ratified in a shorter time frame and I am happy to keep everyone updated as matters progress.

David Ezekiel – SFAI UK