SFAI brings decades of broad professional experience to its clients for auditing, accounting, management consulting and tax needs.

Your business will be confronted by as much change over the next two years as it faced in the past thirty. This is not just a speed-up of processes you can anticipate. It’s also a scrambling of markets and customers as boundaries between industries suddenly crumble. If your company hasn’t started to change to lead and shape the new markets, you may not be a player at all.

Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA since 1997, SFAI provides through its network of professional firms all over the world, services as:

● Auditing
● Tax advisory services
● Management consulting
● Mergers and acquisitions
● Financial models design
● Strategic advice
● Multidisciplinary consulting
● Corporate governance

The network has fully independent certified member firms and non certified member firms in + 130 offices.

SFAI is organized following IFAC standards and rules, considering each audit engagement as a transnational one, due to the practical inexistence of borders in the present global scenario. That is to maintain the highest quality control standards in accordance with the international regulatory professional boards.

We are looking for new answers to respond our clients old questions.

SFAI academic roots must be found back to the famous Fifth Solvay International Conference held in Brussels on October 1927 where the world’s most notable physicists met to discuss the newly formulated quantum theory. 17 of the 29 attendees were or became Nobel Prize winners. Since that date systemic approach changed science and professional practice. And our firms are following and appling those roots.

…we have no tricks,
no magic solutions,
no crystal ball.
Our tool is thinking…