January, 2016 | After an election to nominate a new alternate member to the IFAC TRANSNATIONAL AUDITORS COMMITTEE that took place last week, we are very proud and happy to announce that Dr. Alfredo Spilzinger was elected for that position.

The IFAC Transnational Auditors Committee (TAC) serves as the official link between IFAC and the Forum of Firms. It is broadly responsible for implementing and advancing the FoF’s objectives and operations, and plays a major role in encouraging members of the FoF to conduct high-quality international audits, by requiring the commitment to comply with certain international standards as a condition of membership.

Members of the Transnational Auditors Committee are individuals drawn from those networks or firms who are a member of the Forum. As such, TAC members are nominated by the Forum’s membership and are appointed via IFAC’s nominations due process.

More details of the nomination at https://www.ifac.org/aboutifac/forum-firms-and-transnational-auditors-committee/members


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