April, 2015 | After several years working to get the highest professional quality in the accounting profession in the American continent, the INTER-AMERICAN ACCOUNTANTS ASSOCIATION has approved and launched the constitution of the INTER-AMERICAN FORUM OF FIRMS.

The overall objective of that Forum is to promote into the Inter-American region, the adoption and implementation of the high quality standards in the practice of auditing and other assurance related tasks through the application of the International Standards on Auditing (ISA).
That Forum will be conducted by a board of directors, being the first decision to appoint Dr. Alfredo Spilzinger (PhD) -SANTA FE ASSOCIATES Chairman of the Executive Board- as chairman of the Board and Mr. Félix Francisco Pinto Rojas as vice president of that Board.
Both professionals will take office on the inauguration day during a seminar organized on March 27th, 2015, leaded by the Inter-American Accountants Association Chairman, Mr. Gustavo Gil Gil in the Accountants Institute of Paraguay.


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