July, 2020 | SFAI Executive Board is very happy to announce the incorporation of new member firms to our international network. We continue growing together!


HELLER TAXVISORY is led by Philip Verdino and Armin Obermayr. It has 2 offices in Vienna.

The firm combines tax and business consulting. Their experts have a clear view of your whole business development – taking the broader view. Clients benefit from this integrated approach and are able to focus on their core business.

Services provided: tax consultancy / business consulting / digital accounting.


AKGVG & ASSOCIATES is led by Vineet Gupta. They are a team of proficient and dedicated chartered accountants based in New Delhi, as well as other major cities in India:

– Gurugram

– Ahmedabad

– Chennai

– Lucknow

– Bengaluru

– Mumbai

AKGVG & ASSOCIATES is one of the leading professional services firm involved in assurance, advisory, taxation, accounting/ related support and outsourcing services.

With over 250 professionals in accounting, tax, transactions, auditing, outsourcing and advisory services, they are committed to providing their clients with the best quality services in the market.

Be very welcome to SFAI!!


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