December, 2019 | SFAI announces a new alliance with the group AXIS INNOVATION, and in this way continues searching for new models and tools to let its partners and clients develop their professional services in a modern and better way.

AXIS INNOVATION is a global innovation platform connecting corporations and investors with tech startups through 3 main activities:

– open innovation programs,

– tech events, and

– investment consulting

The mission is to help firms accessing cutting edge innovation and creating new partnerships, investment and growth opportunities.

Since 2014, Axis Innovation has established a recognizable brand as trusted advisors through closing over a dozen startup investment rounds, producing over 50 boutique events attended by more than 5,000 people including over 1,000 investors and corporations, and creating open innovation projects and scouting for leading Fortune 500 companies. AXIS INNOVATION is based in Tel Aviv, in London with BUSINESS MIX, and in Mumbai with DCF VENTURES, and with an active partner network in over 40 countries.

The chairman of that group, David Talmor, said: “We are looking forward to working closely with you and your colleagues and creating a strong mutually beneficial relationship as we enter the new year”.
At the same time Dr. Alfredo spilzinger, President at SFAI, told that in this way we shall give to our member firms the possibility to locate their clients in the innovation cutting edge to be capable to face the present hyper-competitive century.

Contact person: Dr. Alberto Levy – SFAI Chief International Consulting Office


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