May, 2018 | SFAI Executive Board is very pleased to announce the incorporation of a new service: InvestSyst. It is an efficient investment prediction unit.

Clients always requiere a professional answer about where to invest their savings (shares, bonds, or foreign currency), but traditional accounting systems don’t allow that solution.

InvestSyst has the most modern technological tools to predict where to invest, with the best potential to be successful. It has been tried and tested for more than 3 years in different markets, and has proved to be quite efficient to reducing risks and at the same time, rising profits.

This system favours and enriches when making decisions related to settinp up portfolios and investment strategies, with a predictive, automatic and nondiscretionary basis. It is based on algorithmic sequences that indicate early warning and opportunities for each of the investment assets.

SFAI is the first international network that brings in investment predictive systems that will facilitate clients’ decisions.


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