January, 2017 | SFAI EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE has the pleasure to announce the incorporation of a new firm to our organisation with a very special expertise.

We have admitted as a new member firm to VB BUSINESS VALUATION INTERNATIONAL, a consulting firm with a broad expertise in company’s valuation, based in London, UK.

His managing partner Dr. FERNANDO SCARPATI CPA, MBA and his team have been working in the financial scenario from a lot of years with great results as a consequence of the success of its products, mainly due to their innovative approach (unique advance valuations and stochastic risk assessments based on macro economy, market, strategy, technology, operative and financial drivers also including an impact study).

Today necessity of independent valuation report on any kind of deal as mergers and acquisitions or any other matter linked with the value of a business unit, allows SFAI to have the exact professional tools to help clients to perform their businesses.


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