September, 2015 | ANDREA PITASI: I feel honoured and delighted to inform that I was just nominated Chevalier of the Ordre of Saint Fortunat (, which is an apolitical, aconfessional organization focused on the fight on poverty.

As you may know, the fight on poverty is the topic of several research programs in social and political sciences -which is a key business of WCSA-, of several public policy programs inspired by the EU and which EC is focused on. Last but not least, the fight on poverty through financial education is the very core of HIC Statute.

Among our key and top partners, SFAI great professional and scientific engagement for a stronger economics program set up to 2020 is also a great protagonist in the fight on poverty. Richness and Wealth are the remedy to poverty thus there is no policy against richness and wealth which might be considered a solution against poverty. The true challenge is about the systemic patterns of wealth evolution. If you visit the OSF website, you will soon realize it is a worldwide network with very strong and deep European roots (Germany, France, Austria and UK); not by chance the Italian national prior is… Scottish. I think it is a great chance to empower our network of networks linking  EC – HIC – SFAI – WCSA and the OSF.


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