February, 2015 | Our lives are the most complex creation existing on the world surface. We know we are part of holistic systems where everything has to do with everything.

Democracy is not a final destintion. It is just a way to walk in. Is a must to be gotten if we understand that is not just voting on time to time, or having a written constitution to comply with and divided powers within our government. It is neither to dress ourselves without tie, or calling ministers by their names or showing unshaved faces.

Democracy, as the Greek said, [demos – kratos] is the government of demiurge, of those equal before the law, those who produce, who create, the artisans. Finally is the government of those living beings. Is a system of government for the most, and not for the less within or allied to governments.

Democracy therefore is not a government system. Is the system itself to get from the human being the best from them but allowing them to be happy. It is not enough to join our hands in applause for a parliament decision or to enjoy a sacral president. It is more than that. It is to understand we are part of a system and at the same time to use our interaction protocols to live in happiness within the whole system.

It is just to apply the Aramaic word “simja” brought after to the Bible as “the joy of the gift of water”. As simple like water. It is mandatory for living persons to rejoice as human beings in this system we call it life.

It is just extending the hypercitizen prism, mentioned by Professor Andrea Pitasi, to everyone on the earth. Democracy is education for everyone, is food and water for all, it is a fair bed for nine billions of inhabitants that will cover in a few years this crazy asteroid that is rotating around the Sun.

Because there is neither magic response nor an algebraic formula for democracy. Is a way we need to walk, understanding that we are just characters in a scenario in a theater play in which we speak out our words that nobody wrote, that we interact with other beings unknowing who they are, and leaving the scenario in any moment unknowing how this play will end.

There only exists a system. That scenario is a system. A living system, without gravity laws, with no answers for conflicts, because they are part of complexity and complex matters don’t have solutions, just administration.

If we continue driving our lives by law of gravity as was conceived by Newton, we shall fall as the famous apple from the tree.

Demos – kratos, as the Greek said, is just the opportunity we have to work to make life easy for our brothers, whenever they could live, whatever the color of his skin, whatever the way he could think. In such a way we shall leave that scenario, some day knowing that we left for the human beings to come a better democracy system.



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