Audit & Assurance

Audit provides the organization’s traditional accounting and audit services, as well as internal auditing and IT control assurance.


Consulting assists clients by providing services in the areas of enterprise applications, technology integration, strategy & operations, human capital, and short-term outsourcing.

Financial Advisory

Financial advisory provides corporate finance services to clients, including dispute, personal and commercial bankruptcy, forensics, e-discovery, document review, advisory, mergers & acquisitions, capital projects consulting and valuation services.

Risk Advisory

Risk advisory provides offerings in enterprise risk management, information security and privacy, data quality and integrity, project risk and cyber risk, and business continuity management and sustainability.

Tax & Legal

Tax & legal helps clients increase their net asset value, undertake the transfer pricing and international tax activities of multinational companies, minimize their tax liabilities, implement tax computer systems, and provides advisory of tax implications of various business decisions.

Forensic & Litigation

Services cover comprehensive financial forensic investigations to detect the facts behind fraudulent transactions, financial irregularities and internal control lapses (Dispute Resolution, Quantification, Evaluation and Assessment of Economic Loss and Damages, Financial / Fraud Investigation, Special Audits, Assets Tracing)

Human Capital Solutions

Businesses face decision making all the time, for this reason it is necessary for leaders to have mental clarity, focus on results and have the right talent to accompany them in this process.
This is why it is necessary to attract the right talent, acquire new skills and carry out a processes and methodologies transformation, that will allow us to accompany digitization and the great change process that all companies are facing.