Insight is the ability to recognize one’s own mental limitations.


In business organizations, this insight means being able not just to recognize the need for change but also to distinguish the things from your history that you should build on from the things that hold you back. Our goal is to help you refine your view of your company and the environment in which it competes today.

Through our own proprietary model INSIGHT we can look at your own company as a complex adaptive system, changing in a changing marketplace. We help you and your staff take an external, broad, and searching view of your company by identifying strengths, questioning assumptions, and looking at the larger environment in which you compete and will have to continue to compete.

Companies can be very much like people whose mindsets block their awareness of what is really wrong with them, or indeed that anything is wrong with them. People and companies are likely to turn to ineffective changes of procedure or radical “makeovers” of organizations. But if we do not do the difficult work of understanding the real nature of the problems, we cannot really address them. If your organization hopes someone else’s solution or invention or technology will suit your company, you will fail to build on your strengths. And if you think the future will be a simple extrapolation of the past and present, you are unlikely to survive.

You need INSIGHT


As it was mentioned our strategic goals are to get new answers for old questions for our clients.


“Business success or failure in today´s world is essentially cognitive success or failure. Cognitive has two equally significant meanings: to know and to beget. Taken together these two meanings suggest that all birth is an awakening to knowledge. To know and to generate are inseparable” [Howard Sherman – Cofounder SFAI].

So to put in place those cognitive principles, we use to work in circles.

“Because it is necessary to innovate, to change our paradigms. We are working in a very hypercompetitive world where we are trying to get niches and resources, money and talent, for example. But a more interesting analogy is in allowing ideas to compete as well. Then of you don´t know which to choose, let them compete for a while to make the choice clearer” [Bruce Abell, Chairman – Cofounder SFAI].

Therefore we work in thematic circles allowing all our partner´s ideas to compete among them to get the best answer for our clients old questions.

To get that feedback we have formulated strategic links and alliances with important entities and firms in different sectors of the professional and academic knowledge.